Whatever has brought you to this page, whether you are looking for support for yourself or just browsing because you think someone you know may benefit from having someone to talk to, welcome.

I believe we ALL need connection, that feeling that someone “gets us” that we are not the only one experiencing negative thoughts and behaving in sometimes irrational ways, someone to normalise our emotions, who will not judge us and who will offer us their unconditional care.

Whatever is troubling you, whether you feel you are in crisis, at a crossroads, or are feeling a little bit lost I’m sure you can work your way through it and I’d be honoured to support you as you do so.

Counselling is NOT for everyone, and it’s important that you can be honest with yourself about whether you feel the time is right for you, and, if I am the right person for you.

If you’re having negative feelings about approaching me, don’t.

Wait until you find someone you do feel you could open up to, its important that you feel you can talk to me, I’m here for you, if and when you’re ready.

In my experience, our lives can sometimes feel like they are falling apart at the seams, WE can feel like WE are falling apart, but very often we look back and see that things were actually falling into place for something better to occur.

Not always, of course, sometimes it’s just rubbish, and we have to find ways to negotiate our way through the rubbish bits, I offer you a steadying hand as you right yourself, when you can not see the light at the end of the tunnel, I will sit with you in the dark.