OK so what now?

I’m all too aware how puzzling and alien researching a Counsellor can feel. Please believe I am here for you, and am committed to hearing what you need, and telling you honestly if I feel I can help you, or sign-post you to someone who may be better placed to.

I offer a warm, safe and confidential space in which we can explore the issues which may be preventing you living your best life, and am happy to answer any queries you may have prior to an appointment, our first session will be offered at a reduced cost, so that we can meet and decide if we can establish a trusting, open and honest relationship, which I consider essential to us working together towards solutions to the issues troubling you.

I believe you do actually have the answers, and that what I can offer is a non judgemental and empathetic environment in which to walk with you as you learn more about yourself.

You’ve bravely taken that first steps, in admitting you may need some support and by looking here for help.

If you feel I’m the right person to give you the support you need, please contact me using which ever way suits you best, phone call, email or text.

Since my phone is always on silent during sessions, please leave me a message & I promise to get back to you, as soon as I am able. 


our initial session will be at a cost of £25 and you can expect to be with me for over an hour as we decide if we can work well together, I consider it the most important part of therapy that you feel you can trust me and that you feel ready and able to share your life story with me, I will work hard to provide you with a safe space, but totally respect your right to tell me if you feel I am not the right person for you, and I will happily refer you to a colleague who may be more to your liking.

Further appointments, to be agreed by us, will usually be charged at £40 per “counselling hour” which is 50 minutes, though I do offer concessions for those of you in certain circumstances, which I’d be only too happy to discuss with you if you’d like to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.