We can’t always change the things that happen to us, but we can change the way we respond 

I was born in the South East of England, Mum and Dad having eloped from Spennymoor , I was always the kid with the odd accent, and I still have it.

I consider myself a NorthEasterner, having lived here far longer than I lived near London, but I m aware of my “cosmopolitan roots”

I am the eldest sister, made responsible for taking care of my beloved little sister as we navigated our way through Mum & Dad’s abusive and violent relationship. 

I had one failed marriage behind me by the time I moved to Spennymoor, and lived as a single parent for a number of years.

Carole Howells – ´╗┐Qualified & Experienced Person Centred Counsellor – Member of the BACP

My first son, Ben, died when he was a baby. I may have been offered counselling when we lost him, I really don’t remember. 

The advice I received was to “try again” and being a people pleaser, I did as I was told, and was quickly a mum again to my second son.

It was after the death of my best friend that I eventually found support and began unpicking the destructive thoughts and feelings which were stopping me living my life to the full. 


The changes I made as a result of counselling led me to studying at New College Durham, where I gained my degree, yes, me, non-academic me, with a degree.

I had held the belief that I wasn’t very academic for many years, letting go of that old, outdated belief enabled me to have the confidence to further my education. 

Do you know what’s holding you back?

Professionally, I have trained and worked within an organisation called Place2Be, a charity imbedded in schools throughout the country, offering counselling to children living often chaotic lives, coping with poverty, family break-down, domestic violence, addictions, bereavement and loss, which can effect their behaviour and attitudes towards learning and thus reduce their chances of academic and personal success.

I also have experience of supporting many teachers as they struggle to cope with the stresses and anxieties of dealing with such children within the classroom as well as their own personal stories.

I have counselled parents struggling with the challenges life has thrown at them, helping them to better understand their own needs as well as those of the children they care for.

I currently volunteer with a local Hospice and am specifically trained in Bereavement & Loss, though many of the topics discussed often have more to do with life than death, including regret, relationship break-downs, anxiety and stress, anger management, addictions and sexual problems.

My private practice has included relationship counselling, self harm and suicide ideation, addictions, separation & divorce, miscarriage and infant bereavement, stress, anxiety, grief and loss. I feel ready and able to deal with whatever you bring.

What if the light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion, but the tunnel is?