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If nothing changed, we’d have no butterflies…..

My name is Carole, I am a Person Centred Counsellor. What does that mean to you? probably nothing, it meant nothing to me when I first met my personal therapist, and I didn’t care what modality she studied, heck I didn’t even know what the word modality meant.

All I knew was that she offered me a safe place to talk about the thoughts and feelings I was experiencing, and how I’d like to change those that were having a negative effect on my life.

I have had a full life, which is the kind way to describe just how many mistakes I’ve made, and how many dramas I’ve lived through, including an abusive childhood, being a single mum, two divorces, the loss of my son, redundancies,  homelessness, and a failed business.

I believe my experiences have made me practically un-shockable, approachable and non judgemental. I’d like to offer you a place to talk about what is troubling you.

Through talking with another person, someone who has no agenda, we can often be more honest about what is troubling us, we can feel free to explore emotions we have maybe never admitted to before, the guilt and shame we carry, regrets we’ve tried to push away, the things we didn’t do or say, and sometimes the things we did. Counselling can help you put missing parts of your lifes jigsaw together, help you understand why you are the way you are, learn to accept yourself, maybe forgive yourself, and those who have hurt you. 

Clients will often say to me “I’ve never thought of it like that before” so maybe counselling is just another perspective for you, a chance to look at life through softer eyes.

A chance to look at the changes you’d like to make